Lectio Divina


The practice of Lectio is the practice of listening to the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit speaks to us in the depths of our hearts.  The Psalmist reminds us: 'If today you hear His voice, do not harden your heart'. (Psalm 95)

To help us to listen to His voice, lectio consists of four basic parts:  Reading (lectio), reflecting on the reading (meditatio), Responding to the reading (oratio), and Resting in the Word of God (contemplatio).  The aim of this process is to nourish and deepen one's relationship with God.


How to do Lectio

1.  Find a quiet place, free from as many distractions as possible.

2.  Sit in a comfortable position.

3.  Open your Sacred Scriptures and select a text.

4.  Read the text slowly. (This is the meaning of the word 'lectio'.)

5.  Allow it to interact with your inner feelings and emotions.  Reflect on the text (meditatio).  We do this by taking into yourself a single word or phrase that speaks to you.  Repeat it slowly and allow the word(s) to draw you into a dialogue with God.

6.  Speak to God by using your own words to pray, in other words have a dialogue with God, speak to Him, heart to heart. This is the meaning of 'oratio'.

7.  Lastly, rest in God's presence or embrace (contemplatio).  Let go of the words and feelings and focus on resting in God, allowing God to communicate in silence.


History of Lectio Divina:

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Further reading about 'lectio:

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