East-West Meditation Foundation

'From East and West, from North and South, they will come to take their places at the feast in the Kingdom of heaven.' (Luke 13.29)

A brother asked St Francis one day why he so carefully collected the writings of the pagans, where the Name of the Saviour was not present. He answered: "My son, it is because we find in them the letters that spell out the glorious Name of Our Lord God. All that is good in these writings belongs neither to the pagans nor to anyone else, but to God alone, from whom we receive every good." 

Dialogue with other religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism) has been a major focus in Melbourne for many years.   Most contacts have been facilitated by the members of the East-West Meditation Foundation founded in 1995, and the Melbourne Catholic Inter-faith Committee. The Australian commission of Monastic Interfaith Dialogue (MID) has been revived on the basis of the East-West Meditation Foundation.   Therefore, East-West Meditation Foundation acts on behalf of the MID in Australia.

The Mission of East-West Meditation Foundation  

1.  The members of the East-West Meditation Foundation recognize, as do many others, the great hunger for spiritual experience that is present in the hearts of Australians. This hunger is evident from the number and wealth of courses and lectures on meditation that are available today. People are seeking guidance and teaching in meditation.

2. Heeding the teaching of the Second Vatican Council, we reject "nothing of what is true and holy" in the vast array of religions that have sprung up in the course of history and have stood the test of time. In particular we appreciate the value of the religions of the East.

3. We therefore seek to develop a fellowship where we explore, respect and learn from each other's perspective and experience. We seek to approach communities of other religions in bonds of friendship and dialogue with them, with the experience of meditation as a primary means of that dialogue. 

4.  We comprise people of various denominations and religions. We come together for meditation and draw strength precisely through this unity in diversity. We invite members of different traditions to describe the teachings and practices of their faith so as to learn from them and appreciate the gift that has been given to them without losing sight of the tradition to which we each belong. We take part in inter-religious conferences and visit the place of worship of other religions.


 Contact Details and Further Information:

Anyone with an interest in inter-religious dialogue is welcome.  For further information: ring 03 5966 2120