In 2009, a small group of meditators, who were interested in the contemplative life came together in Melbourne for a national retreat and meeting .   It was agreed at that meeting to form a Centering Prayer National Executive to facilitate communication among the various States in Australia.   Since then the Group has evolved and QLD, ACT, NSW, VIC, SA and WA are represented each year at an annual week-end retreat which has been held in Boronia (Melbourne) on the Labour Day long week end in March.  The retreat is open to anyone who wishes to come.

There is a National Co-ordinator whose main role is in communications and co-ordinating the yearly week-end retreat along with the secretary.  We have an annual meeting (like an AGM) on the Monday directly after the retreat and again this is open to anyone.   At this meeting,  the State Representatives are normally present if possible.  It is a ‘business’ meeting so to speak and we share what each state is doing and any other matters rising.  Each year the Reps are asked to write or verbalise a brief report that is presented at this gathering.  There isn’t any central organisation as such - it is simply a group of people sharing their vision and attempts to bring this contemplative vision alive and everyone of us approach that differently.  There isn’t any formal membership.  We have been greatly supported over these years by the Society of the Divine Word and the Janssen Spirituality Centre (which is where the annual retreat has been held).

To contact the State Leaders for the Centering Prayer Network Australia visit: