The Janssen Centre offers a range of cross-cultural programmes, supporting local endeavours to celebrate the richness of the many cultures in our community and to promote local cultural harmony.

Local cultures form a major part of the JSC activities.  The rich cultural diversity is demonstrated in food, dance and art. 



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Cross-Cultural Retreat 

Multi-cultural Retreat


Launch of Abhishiktananda Network (Australia)


The Abhishiktananda Network (Australia) is being launched as part of the 2010 Centenary Celebrations of the birth of Fr Henri le Saux OSB.

Its mission is to:

1.  promote the writings of Abhishiktananda in Australia,
2.  encourage a discussion of his teachings (especially as it applies to interfaith dialogue), and
3. support all people who endeavour to learn from Abhishiktananda' path to advaita.

For more information about the Abhishiktananda Network.  READ MORE>>