Bede Griffiths Sangha

'It is into that world that we are invited to enter by meditation. We do not have to wait for physical death, but we can enter now into that eternal world. We have to go beyond the outer appearances of the senses and beyond the concepts of the mind, and open ourselves to the reality of Christ within, the Christ of the resurrection.' 
― Bede GriffithsThe New Creation in Christ page 77

The Bede Griffiths Sangha (Australia) was established to nourish people who desire to deepen in Fr Bede's spirituality of finding the truth at the heart of all religions.

The Sanga offers regular meditation sessions, periodic weekend retreats and seminars, We occasionally are blessed to have an Indian priest visiting us who is able to celebrate Eucharist in the Indian style.  He also leads us in Indian meditation with Indian music and readings from the Upanishads.

The Sangha is a network of like-minded people who are seeking to deepen their experience of God in their daily lives and who are open to living a life of contemplation.

The Janssen Spirituality Centre is happy to host this page on behalf of the Bede Griffiths Sanga (Australia).

Copies of the Bede Griffiths Sanga Newsletter in the UK may be obtained by visiting the website:

Fr Bede Griffiths with Geshe Loden in Melbourne 1992

'The resurrection does not consist merely of the appearances of Jesus to his disciples after his death. Many think that these appearances in Galilee and Jerusalem are the resurrection. But they are simply to confirm the faith of the disciples. The real resurrection is the passing beyond the world altogether. It is Jesus' passage from this world to the Father. It was not an event in space and time, but the passage beyond space and time to the eternal, to reality. Jesus passed into reality. That is our starting point.'

'To enter deeply into meditation is to enter into the mystery of suffering love. It is to encounter the woundedness of our human nature. We are all deeply wounded from our infancy and bear these wounds in the unconscious. The repetition of the mantra is a way of opening these depths of the unconsciousness and exposing them to light. It is first of all to accept our woundedness and thus to realize that this is part of the wound of humanity. All the weaknesses we find in ourselves and all the things that upset us, we tend to try to push aside and get rid of. But we cannot do this. We have to accept that "this is me" and allow grace to come and heal it all. That is the great secret of suffering, not to push it back but to open the depths of the unconscious and to realize that we are not isolated individuals when we meditate, but are entering into the whole inheritance of the human family.'  ― Bede GriffithsThe New Creation in Christ. page 50

'When we approach the Upanishads for an understanding of the Cosmic Mystery, we are coming to the very heart of the Hindu experience of God. This is what we want to try to understand, not with our minds, but with our hearts: to enter into the heart and continually remind ourselves that the Upanishads are intended to lead us to the heart. The Greek fathers of the Church used to say, "Lead the thoughts from the head into the heart and keep them there." This is to open to the Cosmic Mystery.'  ― Bede GriffithsThe Cosmic Revelation

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