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Meditation on the Qur'an via Zoom
From Wednesday 05 October 2022 -  10:30am
To Wednesday 02 April 2025 - 11:30pm

The Qur'an is the basic holy book of the Moslem faith. It is the word of God. While we do look at some commentary for the text to help situate our reflections, this is not an intellectual exercise to dissect or debate issues. Our attitude is more about listening to the words and trying to discover the deeper invitation that draws millions of people all over the world to follow the Qur'an.

We meet to read, to listen deeply to the words read, and to share our reflection on sections of the Qur'an. In this way we wish to foster Interreligious Dialogue and Understanding.

(During the Covonavirus pandemic, all meetings are on Zoom. All are welcome. For more information, please contact the Centre's staff at 03 9762 6625)