Retreat: Meditation on the Breath of the Spirit 13-14 October 2012

Jesus breathed and said - 'Receive the Holy Spirit'  (John 20:22)

Meditation on the Breath of the Spirit for Healing and Good Health


Meditation on the name of Jesus: Jesus our Saviour

Breath Meditation: In Jesus we live, our Life

Posture Meditation: In Jesus we move, our Strength

Relaxation Meditation: In Jesus we exist and rest, our Peace

with Jen Quested


Saturday, 13 October 2012 from 1pm-4pm

and those who wish to stay overnight until 4pm on Sunday, 14 October 2012.

Next Retreat - April 2013

Suggested donations:

for the weekend:  Live-in:  $125,  Concession: $110

Live-out: $70,  Concession: $56

Saturday only 1pm-4pm: $20, concession: $16

Sunday only 9am-4pm,  Concession: $40


Meditation on Jesus brings serenity, peace, joy and connects our soul to the Spirit of God.  Modern society with all its dissipating forces at work, distances us further and further away from inner peace and joy.  In turn, we suffer from stress-related diseases.  Meditation on Jesus tunes up, calms down and heals our heart and mind, body and soul.