The Janssen Centre is equipped with a range of facilities suitable for cross-cultural events, ecumenical and interfaith meetings, retreats, workshops and seminars. It can be used for both residential and non-residential programmes. A maximum of 18-20 live-in guests can be accommodated comfortably.

The Janssen Centre offers a quiet environment for taking time from a busy life to relax, reflect and share. The Centre may be booked by outside groups for all of the above activities.

The Janssen Spirituality Centre has two meditation lounges, a Christian Chapel, a large and a small meeting room, a reading room, a private prayer room, a modern commercial kitchen, a spacious dining room, and a large enclosed garden.

The Centre"s kitchen is fully equipped to cater for a maximum of 38 sit-down guests.

The Centre is equipped with facilities to support up to four people requiring wheel chair access.

The Centre can accommodate a limited number of live-in guests and host additional participants for meals and day attendance. Our friends and volunteers also offer a Bed and Breakfast arrangement.

The Centre may host two medium-sized groups (8-10 people each) meeting at the same time. Special consideration may be given to accommodate youth groups.

There is a barbeque in the garden.

For photos of our facilities, click on the "ejourna" then "JSC Photo Gallery".

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