From Love to Love with Llove

You are invited to take part in this series of online seminars focusing

on the experience and growth of Lloving personal and corporate

relationships and culminating in a residential/online Retreat.

Understanding and practise unconditional love


SATURDAY 27TH FEB 2021 – 2:00 – 3:30

TOPIC – Llove


The online Series, in addition to Llove,

will address other essential components of Love:



Saturday 24th April – Hope

Saturday 29th May – Forgiveness 

Saturday 30th June – Gratitude

Saturday 31st July – Trust



Janssen Spirituality Centre with online option

Weekend 28-29 August – unconditional Love



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The Love Dialogues is a collaboration with

The Janssen Spirituality Centre

Promoting Inter-religious and Cross Cultural Relations

22 Woodvale Road, Boronia, Vic. 3155

Tel: (03) 9762 6625



Facilities: A place to experience and nourish the hunger of the heart

KARUNA is equipped with a range of facilities suitable for cross-cultural events, ecumenical and interfaith meetings, retreats, workshops and seminars. It can be used for both residential and non-residential programmes. A maximum of 20-22 live-in guests can be accommodated comfortably.

The Centre offers a quiet environment for taking time from a busy life to relax, reflect and share. The Centre may be booked by outside groups for all of the above activities.

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The Centre offers programmes and events which provide a deeper understanding of the richness in all cultural and spiritual traditions.  It is also a venue at which people from all backgrounds can celebrate these traditions.

The Centre caters for cross-cultural programmes, ecumenical and interfaith meetings, retreats, meditation programmes for adults and children, workshops and seminars in adult-faith formation, women's spirituality.  

Outside groups are invited to book the facilities for retreats, prayer days, parish workshops and seminars. 

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Meditation Groups

KARUNA offers a range of meditation and contemplative living programmes based upon the sacred scriptures and sacred writings of the world's religions, e.g. Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Buddhist, and teachings of mystics and contemplative writers.

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